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TERMINET in the 4th EU-IoT Training Workshop

On the premise of the EU-IoT Training Workshop Series, the 4th EU-IoT Training Workshop, entitled “Next Generation IoT Architectures”, took place online on November 9th, 2021. This workshop mainly focused on Next Generation IoT (NG-IoT) architectures, their characteristics, and benefits. Through this event, innovative and emerging technologies were presented, currently utilized in relevant NG-IoT research projects throughout the IoT research field. During the workshop, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, TERMINET’s Project Coordinator and Associate Professor of University of Western Macedonia in Kozani, Greece, presented the TERMINET project which is well underway in its realization. His presentation entitled “TERMINET: A Next-Generation IoT Reference Architecture” presenting a holistic view of the project, highlighting TERMINET’s goals and challenges. The main objective of his presentation was to provide a deeper view of TERMINET’s multi-layer architecture model, giving insights about the purpose and functionality of each architectural layer, while also highlighting the innovative technologies applied throughout the project and its components. Finally, he presented the six use case scenarios through which TERMINET will be validated while also readily demonstrating the efficacy and benefits of the framework in contemporary deployment scenarios.

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