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Timeline for the open call:

Open Call Key details & Timeframe


Project full name:

TERMINET – NexT gEneRation sMart INterconnectEd ioT

Project GA number:


Call identifier:


Call title:


Call announcement in the project website:First day of M20 (01.06.2022)
Call extension announcement in the project website:

24th of Nov. 2022

Call opening:First day of M22 (01.08.2022)
Call extension opening:

24th of Nov. 2022

Deadline for proposals submission (extended):

Last day of M24 (31.10.2022)

Last day of M27 (31.01.2023)

Notification of selected applicants (extended):

Middle of M25 (15.11.2022)

Middle of M28 (15.02.2023)

Projects start (extended):

No later than the first day of M27 (01.01.2023)

No later than the first day of M29 (01.03.2023)
Duration of 3rd party projects:

4 – 6 months

End of the projects (extended):

Minimum: M30 (30.04.2023)

Maximum: M32 (30.06.2023)

Minimum: M32 (30.06.2023)

Maximum: M34 (31.08.2023)

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