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For this Open Call the total available budget is 400,000.00 €, for each proposal a budget of €100,000.00 is made available. The target is to fund one project proposal per topic, four in total.

As the selected proposers will be linked to the TERMINET consortium as Third party, specific arrangements exist with respect to financial costs and payment schemes.

As a Third Party, the proposing party needs to include an overview of the estimated costs in its proposal at the time of submission. Costs consist of personnel costs, direct costs (such as travel, consumables, etc.) and indirect costs. The costs of a Third Party have to comply with the rules and the principles mentioned in Section I, Article 6 (Eligible and ineligible costs) of the H2020 AGA — Annotated Model Grant Agreement (see here), in the same way as the beneficiaries, and must be recorded in the accounts of the Third Party. In other words, the rules relating to eligibility of costs, identification of direct and indirect costs and upper funding limits apply. Equally those concerning controls and audits of Section I, Article 22 of the H2020 AGA.

The maximum requested funding for a project in this Call is set at 100,000 €.

Payment Scheme:

  • PREPAYMENT – 40% after signature of the sub-grantee contract by both parties (UOWM and Third party).
  • INTERIM PAYMENT – 45% after completion of the second coaching session (Mid-Term of the project) with written confirmation by the coaches (including the project patron) that the project has made the expected progress in terms of Milestones within the project plan.
  • FINAL PAYMENT – 15% after submission and acceptance of the final code and final report (including the technical and financial sections) and approval by the TERMINET OCPC of the final code and final report.

As a Third Party, the selected parties for projects need to submit a final report, together with the code and documentation, at the end of the project (for this call this will be at the latest end of September 2023, under the assumption that the project starts on 1st of February 2023).

This report must include an overview of the costs incurred and will be accompanied by an invoice to UOWM for all the costs incurred during the project.

The report and the declared costs will be evaluated by the TERMINET consortium including the partner acting as Patron.

Based on this evaluation, a final payment of up to 15% of the costs incurred, amounting to maximum 15% of the approved funding, will be carried out by UOWM.

Open Call – Financial Information


Call Identifier


Call Budget

€ 400,000.00

Max budget per project

€ 100,000.00

Expected Total number of projects