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Key Information

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Open Call for third parties

TERMINET will allocate funding for the financial support of third parties that will be selected through open calls.

The main objective is to attract and involve third parties in TERMINET in the following R&D topics:

  1. Security by design models;
  2. New IoT intelligent devices to demonstrate them within the TERMINET architecture;
  3. Hardware abstraction and semantic schemes, designed for edge computing and edge IoT nodes, for validating and demonstrating them within the TERMINET architecture and the TERMINET use cases;
  4. Federated models and machine learning algorithms coming from different domains than those involved in TERMINET for testing, validating, and demonstrating their performance in the TERMINET use cases;

Open Call Key details


Project full name:

TERMINET – NexT gEneRation sMart INterconnectEd ioT

Project GA number:


Call identifier:


Call title:


Submission deadline:

Last day of M24 – 31st of October 2022, at 17:00
Brussels local time

Feasibility &
Relevance check deadline:

Middle of M25 – 15th of November 2022, at
17:00 Brussels local time

Open Call – Financial Information


Call Identifier


Call Budget

€ 400,000.00

Max budget per project

€ 100,000.00

Expected Total number of projects


Roadmap for the Open Call:

Call announcement (project website): June 2022

Call opening: August 2022

Deadline for submission of proposals via email: October 2022

Notification of selected applicants: November 2022

Projects start: Not later than the first day of January 2023

Duration of 3rd party projects: 4-6 months

Requirements for the proposer (third party)

Requirements related to the proposer:

  • Proposers must be eligible for funding in H2020 projects;
  • Proposals will only be accepted from a single party;
  • A proposer can only be selected for funding for one proposal, even if the proposer submitted multiple proposals that are ranked high enough to be selected for funding. In the latter case, the proposer may be given the opportunity to choose the one to be retained for funding.

Other conditions:

  • Language in which the proposal must be submitted: English;
  • Proposals must follow the provided template (see Section 5.1 of this document and Appendix A);
  • Proposals (draft as well as final proposals) must be submitted through the online submission portal (accessible from here).

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