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Schneider Electrics participation in TERMINET

Schneider Electric, as leader in energy and automation digital solutions collaborates in the H2020 TERMINET project. Schneider Electric is focusing its contribution on Use Case 6 ” Mixed Reality and ML Supported Maintenance and Fault Prediction of IoT-based Critical Infrastructure”. The objective of this use case is to demonstrate and assess the ability of TERMINET IoT platform to provide reliable services that support maintenance tasks of equipment provided by Schneider Electric and Ericsson on PPC lab facilities emulating a power generation plant. In this particular Use Case Mixed Reality technologies will be adopted as well as the concept of digital twins utilizing operational data to predict future maintenance tasks and failures.

Schneider Electric contributes to this TERMINET use case with a new Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) prototype provided with an IoT enabled communication interface that will enable to provide supervision data of the RTU itself and from distributed devices, considered as critical for the correct operation of the power generation plant, to support IoT services.

Remote Terminal Units are intelligent electronic devices that are located at different control levels of the Industrial Control Systems responsible for the control and monitorization of the operational information of the electrical infrastructures, such as power measurements, frequencies, quality of supply, motor operation parameters, temperature, etc. Thus, RTUs are considered critical assets for which predictive maintenance tasks are desired to guarantee the correct operation of the electrical system and ensure the power supply stability.

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