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TERMINET at InoFA cluster

TERMINET (nexT gEneRation sMart INterconnectEd ioT) project successfully participated in an event organized by the InoFA cluster, highlighting its role in the digital transformation of the food supply chain. The event took place at the “Diamelas Kreopoleio” restaurant, a member of the InoFA cluster, and was a valuable opportunity to inform InoFA members about the technological innovations that promote the development of the sector.
InoFA (Internet of Food Alliance) is an Innovation Collaborative that brings together research institutions, educational institutions, technology providers and businesses operating across the agri-food supply chain. The purpose of InoFA is to support the digital transformation of the agricultural and supply chain, promoting the adoption of high technology in the traditional professions associated with food production and the supply chain.
At this event, the TERMINET project made an important presentation highlighting the importance of innovation in the agriculture and food production sector. TERMINET’s platform and the necessary data collection equipment were presented as critical factors in achieving this digital transformation. The Federated Learning (FL) technique used by TERMINET enables the exploitation of a large number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and huge amounts of data to produce high-quality performances.
The American College of Agriculture, through the Innovation and Impact HUB, are leaders of Use Case 1 on “User-Centric Devices in Smart Farming”. TERMINET’s presence at the InoFA event reflects the close collaboration between science, technology and the agricultural sector to create a sustainable and innovative agricultural production.
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