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Martel Innovate’s collaborative endeavors in the TERMINET project

The TERMINET project, an ambitious initiative under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action, marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Seeking to establish a groundbreaking reference architecture for next-generation IoT, TERMINET encompasses a wide range of innovative use cases such as smart farming, personalized healthcare, smart buildings, and VR-enabled IoT technologies. In this dynamic landscape, Martel Innovate has been a contributing partner, offering support through the coordination of Open Calls and the contribution to the communication and dissemination activities. Furthermore, as coordinator of the NGIoT initiative, Martel enhanced the project’s overall collaborative efforts.

Martel’s role in TERMINET

Martel’s participation in the TERMINET project has been supportive and beneficial, particularly through its involvement in the NGIoT initiative and the handling of Open Calls. As coordinator of the NGIOT initiative, Martel has provided avenues for TERMINET to showcase its advancements. Through organizing events, facilitating TERMINET’s participation in webinars and workshops, and promoting Open Calls, Martel has contributed to enhancing the project’s visibility and collaborative potential within the IoT community.

The Open Calls, a critical component of TERMINET, have been effectively coordinated and promoted by Martel. This promotion has helped in attracting a diverse range of third-party contributions, bringing fresh perspectives and innovations to the project. Martel’s efforts in this area have been important in ensuring the success and inclusivity of these calls.

 As a conclusion, Martel’s role in the TERMINET project, through both the NGIOT initiative and the coordination of Open Calls, has been supportive and contributory. The efforts in promoting TERMINET’s activities, enhancing communication, and facilitating collaborative opportunities have been valuable. Martel’s balanced approach has aided in broadening TERMINET’s reach and impact in the IoT sector, showcasing the importance of collaborative partnerships in advancing technological innovation.

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