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Workshop: ”Distributed Architectures in the EdgeCloudIoT Continuum”

TERMINET is oganizing a standardisation workshop entitled ”Distributed Architectures in the EdgeCloudIoT Continuum” this week along with several other projects.

This workshop is supported by ICT-56 projects coming to completion to come together and discuss open common perspectives, components, policies, standards, and regulations towards distributed architectures in the EdgeCloudIoT Continuum.



  • Greetings & Introduction (5′)
  • Presentation of ICT-56 projects’ perspectives, standards, and regulations (1h and 30′ – Around 15′ per project)
    • IoT-NGIN
    • IntellIoT
    • VEDLIoT
  • Open discussion towards common challenges and gaps (20′)
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