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TERMINET at the 1st Agricultural Entrepreneurship Conference in Lamia

On Sunday, January 21, the Chamber of Fthiotida organized the first Agribusiness Conference in the city of Lamia, entitled “The wealth of Fthiotida land in the foreground for a sustainable future”. Dr. Evdokia Krystallidou, Director of the Innovation and Impact HUB of the American School of Agriculture, was one of the keynote speakers, presenting the TERMINET project during the 4th panel.
The 4th panel was entitled “From the field to the shelf. Outsourcing processes and actions that guarantee success”, and was a space for discussion and exchange of views on the development of sustainable businesses in the agricultural sector. Dr. Krystallidou offered her experience and knowledge of innovation and rural development.
In her presentation, Dr. Krystallidou focused on the TERMINET (nexT gEneRation sMart INterconnectEd ioT) project. TERMINET is an innovative and distributed artificial intelligence solution using Federated Learning (FL) techniques. This project leverages a large number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and massive amounts of data to produce meaningful results.
The USDA, and in particular the Innovation and Impact HUB, is leading Use Case 1 on “User-Centric Devices in Smart Farming”. This pioneering initiative seeks to combine technology and agricultural activity for more efficient and sustainable agriculture.
The presence of Dr. Evdokias Krystallidou at the conference highlights the importance of connecting science and innovation with the agricultural community, strengthening the dialogue for a sustainable and successful future in agricultural entrepreneurship.
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