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Optinvent’s role in TERMINET

Optinvent is a European SME that is specialized in AR display optics. Optinvent is a world leader in AR display technologies.  Optinvent holds 35 granted international patents and adapts the disruptive Clear-Vu© (1D) and ORA-Lens© (2D expander) waveguide technologies to the specifications of major customers.  Optinvent’s enabling technologies will allow the next generation of professional and consumer smart glasses and head worn devices for hands free and head up access to augmented reality and contextual information.

Optinvent has also successfully commercialized the ORA-1 and ORA-2 smart glasses as dev kits for professional AR applications and for evaluation of the Clear-Vu display technology including its revolutionary plastic reflective waveguide and display engine.

In TERMINET, Optinvent participates in Use Case 1 (UC1): “Smart Farming” led by AFS. Optinvent worked on the technique to identify animals and to connect the identification sensors to smart glasses. Optinvent deliver ORA-2 glasses to project’s partners, develop, and demonstrate intuitive scrolling menu in the glasses for a better user interface. Optinvent develop a solution to use BT accessory in hands to control the ORA-2 smart glasses for farmers using gloves. Optinvent demonstrate “Remote Eye application” to be used as software platform to connect the farmer to veterinary service. Optinvent worked on the co-development with CERTH and UWOM of custom application on the smart glasses for UC1.

Additionally, the company is involved in Use Case 6 (UC6): “Mixed Reality and ML Supported Maintenance and Fault Prediction for IoT-based critical infrastructure” led by PPC.  Optinvent set the conditions to scan QR-code for an embedded camera (Smartphone of on Smart glasses) at given distance and select the QR-code size and position on the server rack to have quick and reliable results. The company worked on the co-development with CERTH of custom application on the smart glasses for UC6 to set repair instructions for a SFP defective hardware module as a remote maintenance service using ORA-2 smart glasses.

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