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Integration of components for Use Case 6

The aim of the Use Case 6: “Mixed Reality and ML Supported Maintenance and Fault Prediction of IoT based Critical Infrastructure” is to exploit TERMINET IoT Infrastructure to be applied for the support to maintenance tasks and prediction of failures on the different assets that integrate critical infrastructures such as PPC power plants, adopting Mixed Reality and digital twins.

In this respect, Schneider Electric has been working on the development of an IoT enabled RTU prototype that will be able to exchange operational data and security logs with the IoT infrastructure in order to enable interactions with maintenance operators aimed to ease the problem solving, reduce maintenance time and anticipate to system failures. Two hardware prototypes have been already manufactured and tested to comply with quality and customer requirements.

RTUs are normally installed in the kind of Critical Infrastructures addressed by UC6 as data gateway between edge control devices and the SCADA center, thus being a crucial asset for the correct operation of the whole system.

During this period, besides the development of the prototypes, Schneider Electric has been also collaborating with other partners such as UNIBO, PPC and NEC Lab in order to decide and test the exchange of the RTU operative data and security messages with the components of TERMINET IoT architecture using communication protocols such as MQTT and SysLog. Selection of data has been done considering those that are prone to provide more information related to the correct operation of the critical infrastructure assets.

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