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Animal husbandry is technologically evolving through the TERMINET platform

Animal husbandry is a basic socio-economic agricultural activity. Livestock contributes substantially to regional rural development and the preservation of the rural social economy. It also exploits areas, especially those that are impossible to exploit differently. The modern livestock farmer seeks for new technologies to maximize production, while at the same time maintains sustainability. Though Digital Livestock Farming, farmers can improve production and reproduction increase animal welfare and reduce the environmental impact. Simultaneously, advanced digitalization technologies offer the farmer the potential to become more transparent and thus fostering increased consumer trust.

Use Case 1 “User Centric Devices in Smart Farming” validates demonstrates and assesses key aspects of the TERMINET platform in one of the most popular IoT ecosystems, the smart farming. UC1 consist of two scenarios, where the TERMINET platform will be applied in an end-to-end way so as to optimize the performance and the scalability of the smart farming paradigm.

UC1 is deemed a high-impact pilot scenario since it intends to contribute to:

  • formulate best practices for farming and livestock production in extending the specific market,
  • formulate rules and quantified metrics for optimum conditions in terms of (animal) behavior, physiology, food quality, nutrition and agriculture environment,
  • increase the production of the farms and the livestock, and
  • provide feedback on the ‘digital twin’ to ensure proper correspondence with the actual conditions of the real world agriculture system.
First physical meeting with the partners of Use Case 1

After meetings with the farmers and long-hour discussion about the problems they have to deal with daily, the American Farm School team collected the set of functional and non-functional requirements that must be supported and translate them into solid technical requirements that will guide the definition of the TERMINET platform, based also on realistic and proof-of-concept use cases.

An info-sharing meeting with the farmers of Rhodope for selecting the user requirements

All 21 identified user requirements are analytically presented on deliverable D2.1. The devices needed, based on the requirements, will be IoT devices (sensors) that collect data for the physical characteristics of the crop and herds environment such as humidity, soil temperature etc. Also, wearable systems (collars) collect animal-like features, such as body condition, movement and feeding patterns, and calving periods. With the help of Federated Learning, the platform will show the decisions the farmer should take by wearing Smart-Glasses.

GPS Animal Tracker Digitanimal

The involved actors in this UC are AFS, FIN, AUTH and OPTIVENT. Due to corona restrictions, the meetings of all the partners were held digitally. However, one physical meeting took place on the premises of the American Farm School. During the meeting involved partners had the opportunity to discuss possibilities of the high technology systems already installed in the livestock units and how to manage processes and display all the collected data.

Soil sensors
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